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Original papers

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Papers acknowledging HEPADIP


Abdelkarim M. Rôle du récepteur nucléaire Farnesoid X Receptor (FXR) dans la différenciation et la fonction adipocytaire. PhD thesis for Université Lille II 2010

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van Dijk TH. Computational Analysis of Carbohydrate Metabolism - Stable Isotope Techniques in Small Laboratory Animals. PhD-thesis for Groningen University 2010

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Virtue S. A role for lipocalin prostaglandin D synthase in adipose tissue biology and the Metabolic Syndrome. PhD-thesis for University of Cambridge 2008

Pamphlet - Hepadip 2nd Annual Meeting 2006

Book Chapters

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Biology of Adipose Tissue

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Biology of Liver Tissue

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Rodent Studies: The Adipose - Liver Axis

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Human Studies: The Adipose - Liver Axis

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Clinical and Genetic Epidemiological Studies

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Original Papers

Biology of Adipose Tissue

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