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Amazing Liver Facts You Never Knew!

Throughout this blog, we have come to learn just how important the liver is in the human body. The liver’s various functions include but are not limited to fighting infections, processing proteins and hormones, blood clotting and so much more. Here, we’ve outlined a few facts that show just how amazing this organ really is!

It’s Complicated

You may not know this but your liver plays a pivotal role in most of the bodily functions. So, yes, it does not have one specific job. The mains functions of the liver are to make and store energy, protein production, immune function, and the metabolizing of medications.

The Biggest of Them All

The liver feels rubbery to the touch and is reddish brown in color. When you’re trying to imagine the size of a human liver, imagine about three pounds in weight. Skin is considered to be the largest external organ, however, the liver is the largest internal organ in the human body.

Two Identities

The liver is not only classified as an organ but also as a gland. This is because the liver filters the blood, eliminating toxins, and pushing them out of the system.

Let There Be Blood

This amazing organ is constantly pumping blood throughout the body every single minute that passes by. Approximately 10% of the blood within your body is held by the liver.

Did You Know?

The first liver transplant happened in 1963 by Dr. Thomas E. Starzl in the USA. Unfortunately, it was not a successful operation due to lack of availability of the correct immunosuppressive drugs. Four years later, the correct immunosuppressives became available and finally, a successful liver transplant occurred.

Let It Grow

Here’s a little fact to blow the mind away – the liver can regenerate! The liver can completely restore itself to its original size within two weeks using as little as 25% of the original liver tissue.

Your Brain Depends On It

The liver is also responsible for the regulation of plasma glucose and ammonia levels. However, non-regulated levels of these can result in hepatic encephalopathy which leads to coma.

Watch That Waist Line

It is vital to keep your weight in check throughout your lifetime as obesity can result in a liver disease known as metabolic syndrome. Despite metabolic syndrome, obesity causes other life-threatening diseases too.

Producer of Fluids

We know that bile is responsible for the processing and absorption of fats. The liver produces bile in small ducts and moves it along to the small intestine through the gallbladder or directly.

Now we have a better understanding of why the human liver is necessary for our survival. It works hard and tirelessly throughout our entire lifetime. So, why should we not do whatever we can to ensure a long lasting and healthier life?