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Liver Detox Made Possible With Acupuncture

There are numerous symptoms that can point you in the direction of having a burdened liver. The liver has various responsibilities to ensure your body is functioning at its prime at all times. However, over time, your liver is going to give you signs that indicate you may need to undergo a liver detox.

These signs and symptoms can sometimes manifest in the following ways:

  • Bloating
  • Liver pain
  • Excessive weight gain
  • Heartburn
  • Dark spots/liver spots
  • High cholesterol
  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings
  • High blood pressure
  • Sleep apnea

Liver detoxes can be achieved in various ways, however, this post is dedicated to a unique method used in Chinese medicine – acupuncture. Yes, you read that correctly. Chinese medicine was specifically designed to bring harmony and balance in an individual’s body. Acupuncture is used to restore the body back to health. This means, among other things, that acupuncture has the capabilities to restore interrupted sleep patterns which aid body healing, and encourages liver detoxification.

Acupuncture involves the painless insertion of specialized needles into the skin along the meridian points of the body. The needles used in acupuncture are a lot smaller in diameter compared to normal needles used in western medicine practice.

Earlier, we mentioned how acupuncture is used to restore balance and harmony within the human body. Basically, acupuncture is an alternative healing technique that focuses on the balance of one’s Chi energy. This means that when the body’s Chi pathways are blocked, acupuncture allows for the process of elimination to begin to open the pathways which result in the balancing of Chi levels. These Chi levels are also referred to as meridians.

On the topic of effectiveness, the accumulation of a number of acupuncture sessions over a relatively short space of time will result in numerous benefits including restoration and balancing harmony within the body. This harmony entails better quality sleep, pain relief, toxin elimination in the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, and other health benefits.

Acupuncture has been found to treat the following common problems:

  • Anxiety
  • PMS
  • Sports injuries
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Bloating
  • Insomnia
  • Tension caused by stress
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Influenza
  • Migraines

This alternative healing technique is also a fantastic means of relaxation. We all lead lives jam-packed with stress and the constant need to hustle with work, family commitments, and the demands of life in general. Taking that one hour per week to just simply relax while your Chi levels realign could be all that more beneficial to you. Even if it’s just to take timeout to completely relax yourself. Your body will thank you in the future.